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Buenas noches Santiago.

Tonight is our last night in Santiago. We board a flying machine tomorrow morning to Barcelona for one night more then we are homeward bound Wednesday.

We had an easy day and a late breakfast with fellow pilgrim, Judith before she left. We then went back to the cathedral for mass. We asked one of the priests if they would be using the botofumiero today and were told not until Thursday. There was no talk of a refund.

We did get to see the Arbol de Jesé where you can see the imprint of the hand from so many people touching the same place. It was roped off but at least unobscured this time. The photo is on my camera unfortunately. I will have to post a best of photos gallery when I get home.

We also visited the university of Santiago courtyard which was quite beautiful. They have a nice little gift shop and two small art galleries with really talented artists.


Also we came across these two opera singers in the street. They had quite the voices and were singing the greatest hits operettas. WordPress isn’t letting me post the video yet so you’ll have to use your imagination. Trust me. They rocked.

We will wave at the peregrinos on the Camino as we fly over them tomorrow. Buen Camino!

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Boots off!!!

We have made it!

500 rain soaked miles behind us. The boots are off. We are going to clean up, go get our Compostela and go shopping. New clothes please. Then lunch.

Party time.

More updates to come.



Someday came today.

I have a someday list. A list where wishes, dreams and aspirations go to die. Maybe you have your own someday list?

Someday I will:
• learn to play the violin
• finish that painting
• learn to speak Japanese
• create photo books of my travels
• hike Patagonia
• volunteer abroad
• run a 10k
walk the Camino de Santiago with Jonathan

Well, someday came today for the last one. I may not get to everything on my list but I know I can do anything I choose and dedicate myself to. I could not have finished the Camino successfully without Jonathan and his enduring spirit, compassion and patience. I am the luckiest woman to be married to him. It’s because of him and his first Camino experience that made me want to add this to my list in the first place. Of course Camino 1 could not be duplicated. This Camino did everything it could do to distinguish itself from Camino 1. Why the nerve…

I have to tally up the days but I think it was 34 days of walking. All of them in rain except maybe three. Coupled with painful feet and blisters the first three weeks, it was a tough adventure to love. While it was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life, I’m so glad that I did it. Now that it’s over, I can look back and reflect-and ponder over the good times. During…well you’ve probably read the blog.

Another pilgrim we met named Jay put it this way. He said that to understand the Camino to the fullest you need to be in it the good part of a month at least. He said it’s similar to the army.

The first part or week from St. Jean through the Pyrenees is tough physically. The camino breaks you down. You’re toughening your feet and strengthening your legs, etc. Long days of walking with blisters or bad knees and bad weather will take its toll.

The second or middle part through the Meseta is where you are pushed mentally. Walking mile after mile in a straight line with scenery that barely changes. You are in it and the end is still a ways away so you find yourself trying to mentally prepare for the second half hoping it will improve somehow.

The last stage is still a little bit of the first two but it’s mostly spiritual. You’ve made your peace with whatever you’ve been carrying emotionally or physically and you let it go. Like the rock on Cruz de Ferro. And now you are free to be welcomed into Santiago. Whether you’re religious or not, you can’t help but be humbled and moved by forces greater than yourself. All of which made themselves evident on the Camino. I have great respect for all those who triumphed to the end through the last month. I have an even greater sense of gratitude not only to my husband for helping me get here, but to be able to even have the opportunity to embark on such a journey.

As another reader mentioned, I have not fully conveyed my experience and observations yet so I will share more later. it’s off to get our Compostela and dinner with friends tonight!

No more ‘fixing feet’ in the morning! My feet ponied up the last week or two. So much better. Aside from the poor visual.







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