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We’re just raindrops on a windshield.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.

After taking a blogging sabbatical, I decided to just post this silly little video that doesn’t involve backpacks, blistered feet and gorgeous vistas abroad? How dare she? Relax, there is a loose connection to this funny little series by Jerry Seinfeld called, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”.

Connection #1:
They are on a road part of the time.

Connection #2:
They drink coffee.

Connection #3:
Stories are told by characters of all sorts.

Hey, I did say this comedic series and my blog are loosely connected. Anyhoo, this is for Uncle Tom and anyone else who hasn’t discovered these funny little videos yet. Jonathan and I were even at the same little shopping center/coffee shop in Malibu recently – so there, connection #4! No celebrity sightings though. Hope you enjoy.

Click the link below to watch:
Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Richards — Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

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