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Trading boots for flippers.

Now this is what I’m talking about. Rooftop pool in sunny Barcelona. Not as crowded as the beach. (sorry Reagan)

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Storming the Castle

Last day of preparations in Barcelona. We got a good night’s rest and wandered around a lot today. We visited Castell de Montjuic which was a popular military outpost during the Spanish Civil War. We rode the funicular to the top and enjoyed the beautiful views of the Mediterranean and city. La Sagrada Familia towered over the city even from afar. Such an amazing building.





We then headed down the hill and visited the Joan Miro museum. I love how his color palette was all primary colors. He had a fun style and always painted the sun, moon, stars, and the ladies.

We’re curious how Good Friday and Easter weekend will be. Easter is kind of a big deal here. It seems like Christmas time when everyone goes home to visit families. Lots of ornate processions and parades. And lots of chocolate!


The eagle has landed.

We made it. Super tired but refreshed after checking into the hotel before heading out to start our day. Again. We brought the rain with us.


Up, up, and away.

I’m on a plane.

Sea-Tac to JFK. Then JFK to Barcelona. It was smooth sailing from the house, check-in to takeoff which might be because of the early morning. For the first time in maybe the last six flights Jonathan and I did not get pulled aside for special screening or X-ray at security. Funny how we are always subject to the “random” search. I think we bypassed it this time thanks to a lady who had to try and pass through with her cat. The cat was not having it.

I’m looking forward to landing in Barcelona, going back to our favorite tapas place, and trying to get over jet lag. It will be rain all week unfortunately and follow us to St. Jean and Pamplona. Not ideal conditions for the big first day throuh the Pyrenees but we are prepared.

Strike that. We forgot the awesome Camino guidebook. Yes, we, collectively. Even though Jonathan will try to tell you differently. I’m sure we will be able to find it though. Or at least a Spanish copy. Excellente.

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