Up, up and ‘no way’.

Remember the Pixar movie, Up? I swear this house and story is the real life version of it.

I’ve been shopping at Trader Joe’s in the Ballard Blocks shopping center ever since we moved to Seattle and wondered what the story was behind this house and the complex that built around it. I just saw this article in our local city blog and thought I would share. Like Ed Asner’s character Carl in the movie, the house was owned by a woman named Edith Macefield and at age 86 she refused to sell her home for $1 million when developers came knocking in 2008.

The story is so similar to the movie that Pixar even tried a short-lived PR stunt when it came out.

While so many things in this world change quickly and move forward, Edith wanted to keep her beloved home as it was. She wanted to spend the rest of her days there and all the money wasn’t going to change her mind. I have to admire her stubborn nature and refusal to give in. Long story short, Edith did pass away in her house while all the construction was going on and I believe it went to another person who sold to a different company for far less, but said they were going to preserve it and even raise it two stories. I think they are planning to even rent it out in March 2013 once renovations are complete.

Edith managed to inspire the community and even a local tattoo shop created a special tattoo in her honor.

I don’t know why this house just makes me smile. It’s not like I’m not going to shop here out of protest or anything–have you ever had Trader Joe’s graham crackers? Helloooo. I just think it’s refreshing to see someone that isn’t motivated by money and the easy way out. It’s a subtle protest against The Man (whatever form it takes for you).

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2 thoughts on “Up, up and ‘no way’.

  1. Auntie Lorraine says:

    Personally, I like her name Edith. Anyone with a name like that must have strong character and high intelligence!!! Oh golly, come to think of it, that is my middle name. Edith was my grandmother’s name and her grandmother’s name. Go Edith! Love you!

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