Mt. Whitney or Bust!

Relax. Jonathan and I are not climbing Mt. Whitney. Although, we plan on finding inspiration from my Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Tom as they set their sights on the summit this weekend.

Go Lorraine and Tom!!! You can do it. Remember, just put one foot in front of the other and repeat.

Mt. Whitney is the tallest mountain in the contiguous US. (14,497 ft / 4418,69 m). I’m not sure which route they are taking but I saw something about 36 miles! I’m impressed that they even are attempting this “hike”.

I’m hoping for a safe journey and more marmot sightings than bears. Take lots of photos.

Buen Camino!


One thought on “Mt. Whitney or Bust!

  1. Murry says:


    You are one unique and classy lady.

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