The lady of the house.

There’s a new lady of the house and she really knows how to run the place.

Meet Maddie Poggibonsi Cheetoh Hull Moskow.

You may be thinking that’s quite a long name for such a little dog, but this little lady has earned her namesake. Maddie, because it wasn’t too far from her previous name of “Sheppy”, but far prettier. Poggibonsi, because this was the name of a town we visited in Italy that we thought just sounded so cute we wanted to use it as an adjective for anything adorable. Cheetoh, because of her coloring and my love for the Cheetoh. And then our surnames, because she completes our family.

Originally, we were told by the rescue that she was 7 months old and 29 lbs. We later discovered that she was 39 lbs. and 6 months old, so our little pup still has some growing to do. She came with a swollen lymph node, but were told that it would go away eventually. After a few days it increased in size and she looked half chipmunk. Once lab tests came in from our vet, it was confirmed that she had an infection and antibiotics would help. A few days of scratching and with a little help from the vet, the abscess reduced dramatically and we saw signs a new pup had taken over. The once mellow and extremely behaved dog had been taken over by this rambunctious little puppy! Poor thing, must have been feeling so sick.

Aside from the occasional nip, fear of baths, and over excitement at seeing other dogs, she is about 95% potty trained, knows sit and (sometimes) down, she loves her chew toys. Especially, Dino-bone and the cube that hides treats inside, from one of her grandmothers. Once she’s healed up, we will be taking her to puppy school so she can learn how to be top of the class, and be a proper lady.

I think she’s almost as happy to be here as we are happy to have her. We look forward to the years of lint rolling fur off our clothes and furniture.

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