Strong woman award goes to…

…my stepmother, Merna.

You may think walking 500 miles is the ultimate measure of strength and determination, but you would be mistaken.

I would like to dedicate all those miles to Merna. Little did we know soon after starting the Camino that Merna had a stroke and had lost a lot of mobility on one side of her body and greatly affected her speech. It sounded like very scary and trying times for her and my Dad. Through love, prayers and the support of family and friends she has come a long way. She is a trooper and committed to all her therapies that have helped her regain much of her mobility and improve her speech.

It must be incredibly frustrating to not be able to do what your mind is telling your body to do. I know she doesn’t feel quite like her old self yet but am so proud of how far she has come. I am so thankful she is doing better and can’t wait for both her and my dad to get back out on the road of retirement.

Stay strong Merna!



One thought on “Strong woman award goes to…

  1. Linda says:

    Family…………….Home……….the same. Your words honor our Merna. You both have walked the extra mile!

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