Buenas noches Santiago.

Tonight is our last night in Santiago. We board a flying machine tomorrow morning to Barcelona for one night more then we are homeward bound Wednesday.

We had an easy day and a late breakfast with fellow pilgrim, Judith before she left. We then went back to the cathedral for mass. We asked one of the priests if they would be using the botofumiero today and were told not until Thursday. There was no talk of a refund.

We did get to see the Arbol de Jesé where you can see the imprint of the hand from so many people touching the same place. It was roped off but at least unobscured this time. The photo is on my camera unfortunately. I will have to post a best of photos gallery when I get home.

We also visited the university of Santiago courtyard which was quite beautiful. They have a nice little gift shop and two small art galleries with really talented artists.


Also we came across these two opera singers in the street. They had quite the voices and were singing the greatest hits operettas. WordPress isn’t letting me post the video yet so you’ll have to use your imagination. Trust me. They rocked.

We will wave at the peregrinos on the Camino as we fly over them tomorrow. Buen Camino!

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One thought on “Buenas noches Santiago.

  1. Linda says:

    safe travels and happy memories homebound.
    all our love, Linda y Murry

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